Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Individuality vs. Identity

One of my challenges for the week is to figure out exactly what the contrast is between individuality and identity. After much research and brain-picking, I think I may have the answer...
Identity is "sameness". Our identity is what places us in an organized "category" if you will. For example, there are women, men, students, adults, parents, kids, etc. Their characteristics and traits make them who they are and place them in that group. Women are all the same for many of the same reasons.
Individuality is "oneness". Even though I'm a woman, I'm not the same exact woman as another woman out there. Everyone is different from everyone else in some way or many ways. Even though I'm in the category of a woman, I'm shy, I'm taller than most, I have a fear of spiders and clowns...those things make me who I am. They are the categories that go beyond the main category. Since this is for my term paper based off of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Hosseini, I figure forming an example from that would be more ideal.
Laila is an Afghan woman. Her characteristics make her this way, thus this is the category she is in. However, Laila was raised to be independent and stand up for herself, unlike many of the women from her city. Her strength makes her individualized or different from many of the other women of Afghanistan.
I think you need identiy to have individuality. Identity is the canvas of a painting, and the paint you put on it and the way you do it is the individuality.
I'm not sure how much sense this makes, but I'm hoping it makes sense in my paper. If anyone else has another way of putting it, I'd appreciate the thoughts and feedback... Pin It

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