Sunday, March 29, 2009

Humbling Inspiration

I have really realized today that going to church truly inspires me. I know that this could be a cliche or even obvious statement, but I always thought that people saying that church is inspirational was just something people said. Sure I knew it gave you that feel-good and pumped up feeling, if you really get into it, but to use the word inspirational to describe the feeling you get by surrounding yourself with other believers and hearing a sermon that makes you want to make changes in your life wasn't the word that I would usually pick. Today, though, I walked out of those sanctuary doors wanting to write, wanting to celebrate the overwhelming excitement in my soul at that moment towards the Dominican trip, spring and even the snow that blew furiously outside the windows...
I think the art of seeing passion pour out of someone is inspirational in itself. Just seeing people worship makes my heart leap. Seeing a body of believers coming together in one name and one purpose to place their faith out there and just lay it all down for what they stand for is a humbling experience.
I think the fact that church is inspirational was always a thought I had in the back of my m ind, but today it truly became clearer to me. Pin It

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