Sunday, December 28, 2014

One Week of Reflection: Family

In an effort to celebrate the amazing things that God has done in my life in 2014, and to reflect on how He has moved, I am dedicating the next week (up until 2015) to reflect on what I've learned throughout 2014.
Today, I reflect on July and August, which were the months I drew very close to family.

We were very blessed to be a part of Matt & Angela's wedding in July and got the opportunity to spend about a week in New York, not only sight-seeing, but simply spending time together in a different environment, as well as getting to know Angela's side. What a blessing it was to have that time, especially in light of what the first part of the year had been like.
We drew closer together (at least I did with others), and got to know each other in a different way. It was fun and a much needed laid back time for all of us.
As summer progressed, things got better and better, and we got to enjoy each others' company outside of the context of holidays, which is something my side doesn't do very often. Many game nights were had and cookouts were partaken.

We also took some time to camp out with our Dominican Team family, which was of course so much fun! Another element of family that is so different and so needed in my life. I can't wait to do that again with them all next year, and hopefully more of them will be able to join in on the fun we all had!

I truly learned the blessing of family in those couple months, and carry that with me today.   Pin It

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