Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lunch Bag Books

I was introduced sometime ago to Lunch Bag Books.

They are like a mini scrapbook that you make out of paper lunch bags! So cute and SO easy to make! Check out this one that I just completed for one of my graduating youth group girls!

You just take lunch bags and fold them in half.

Bind them together with ribbon or some sort of string. I used a torn bandana for this one. 

I combined 2 pictures into one and cut them in half, so I could get 2 4x3 pictures in one. A full 4x6 won't fit on a page of the mini book.

Use the bottom of the bags as a flap in the book!

Where the bag opens, decorate a piece of card stock as it's own page and make it a pullout page.

 The full page that pulls out.

And the back of it.

I did the lettering with my Cricut. Can't imagine how my life was before having one!

Another flap in the book (side 1)


Open the flap to find journaling!

I love using stickers in my scrapbooks, and this was definitely no exception.

I wrote fun notes and verses of encouragement to my grad!

The paper makes the page!

This paper made a fun girly page!

End the book with a meaningful note on the back!

These books are SUPER easy and fun to make! They are a great, personal gift for any occasion! Pin It

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