Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My True Love

I want one of those guys you can’t find anymore.

The one that comes home and eats dinner with you every night, without the tv crowding the air in the background. He would rather fill the quiet with conversation on the day’s events, memories, and our faith journeys.

One that cares enough about his surroundings that he takes time to notice an older lady in church who needs a hand and then takes time to help her with her arm-load. He looks up to the solid, older men in church and humbly heeds their advice.

He has the faith enough to give at least ten percent of our income to the Lord each week in Sunday service. He’s willing to even help out with the children’s ministry now and then, because he has ears patient enough to listen to even the tiniest voices.

He’s a hard worker, but it isn’t his number 1 priority. I’m not even the number one, but God, the One we can’t draw breath without.

He can make a sacrifice for his family. Not drink for the sake of being a good example to the kids. Keep the music, movies and media out of the house that causes a stumbling block in faith.

One that can solve conflict calmly and patiently, without harsh words, and realize we can collaborate to reach a solution. We would use God’s Word as a guideline and map to the way we live our lives and conduct ourselves as a family.

He lets me do my own thing and I let him do his, because we don’t want to be so absorbed in ourselves, but be able to have fun with friends sometimes whether it’s together or separately. We trust each other and have good intentions in everything we do.

He would appreciate every opinion and idea, but be strong enough to humbly take a stand in his and our foundational morals and beliefs without hurting.

He doesn’t blow money, but carefully considers where the income is going. One that participates in outreach, not only locally, but overseas once in awhile, because he knows we are called to do it. He takes his faith in God very seriously and follows God’s Word to the best of his ability.

He knows he has flaws, but knows I do too. We can accept each other anyway. He challenges me in my walk with God, and I in his, as we are walking side by side in our faith journeys.

And years and years after the wedding, we can still hold hands, take peaceful walks in the park and still find ways to grow together in Christ.

I’m not in the business of changing people, only God can do that.

Yes, I want one of those guys. The ones you can’t find anymore.

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