Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Simple Wedding in a Small Town

My hubby and I decided to marry quick and simple. However when it boiled down to it, eloping seemed out of the question as we are from a smaller community with most of our family around, so in order to keep from hurting feelings, we decided to keep the ceremony with some flair, but just drop all the glam.
The process of planning our original wedding was really getting to us. The guest list was getting extensive- to the point of financial worries, the decor outrageous, space questionable, and food situations stressful. We were married in 20 minutes, with very simple decor, and 15 or so of our close family (parents, siblings, grand parents). I wore a mostly white dress mixed with purple, along with some leggings and boots (we were married in January).
The ceremony was EVERYTHING we wanted without the stress and hurt.
I highly recommend it to any couple who can live without the huge production and long-time traditions. We really didn't care about any of it. Marriage was all we wanted.
Here are some of our pictures (our photographers were friends from church - Connie and Kerri Conrad) that can help you spark some ideas if you are leaning this way:

  Reciting our vows! I just used the classic traditional ones. My hubby and I wrote to each other our personal vows to share together alone.

 Bride picture in front of stained glass.

 We had all our guests (those that were comfortable) take communion during the ceremony. Our Pastor did a great job of incorporating the communion ceremony in with the wedding and its meaning.

 My hubby signing the marriage license. The jars are simple little jam mason jars with votive candles in them. They also lined the aisle of the church. Very simple and very easy!

 Love this picture! Same stained glass and a shy kiss behind the bouquet. Totally brought out our personalities!

Edited photo of our rings and bouquet flowers. 

We each picked out our own scripture verses to read to each other during the ceremony.
 All the guests that were present! Siblings, parents and grandparents.

Simple decor we used. Table and flowers were right at the church. Jars and candles along the aisle and front of stage. (Picture on my camera taken by my sister-in-law)

This was such a simple, low-stress wedding! Just be sure you are ok having a wedding like this. There is definitely nothing wrong with the big, glamorous wedding. It is your special day after all. But if you are looking for something small, simple and quick, this may be an idea for you! We had a HUGE open-house style reception 4 months later. A little more work, but it was such a blast! You can see that and how we did it in my next post! If  you have a question or want some more of my experience, just comment or contact me! I'd love to share! Pin It

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