Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Video Voice-Overs

To all my fellow video editors out there, I've recently found a way to include voice overs into my edited videos along with the music of the video using Windows Movie Maker. This is the first time I've tried this editing style and found it to be quite powerful and meaningful to the video's meaning.
Here's what I did:

1) Record voice over (I just used my Canon Power Shot camera).

2) Copy off of your camera's SD card to your computer. Put in a folder of your choice.

3) Convert the voice over video to MP3 format. I use Any Video Converter and select my conversion format. You can find a free download of AVC here.

4) Open Windows Movie Maker - Import Audio - Find your new MP3 voice over (I still use Windows Movie Maker 2.6 because I can't stand the Windows 7 version) I downloaded this version free here.

5) Edit the mp3 with parts of the video and pictures you'll be using at this point of your finished video project.

6) Once you have how you would want your voice over to look in your finished video project (minus the music), save to your computer as it's own video file.

7) Open your main video project in Windows Movie Maker. Import the video voice over you just created under "import video".

8) Input into your project at desired spot of the timeline.

9) Adjust the voice over volume by right-clicking on the voice over video in your timeline and selecting volume. You can adjust your music volume the same way by right-clicking on the music in your timeline. I had to play with this a bit to get the music and voice to fit together right.

10) Repeat the first 9 steps for each voice over you want in your main video project. Then save your final project! 

I understand this is probably clear as mud, but feel free to leave me questions and I'll do my best to answer them! I hope to eventually include pictures with these steps, which would probably help. I was very excited when I figured out how to incorporate voice overs into my videos. It is a great tool to making your videos more meaningful, informative and interesting. Check out the first video I did this with below:

(Dominican Outreach Trip, 2012)
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