Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lunch Bag Books

I was introduced sometime ago to Lunch Bag Books.

They are like a mini scrapbook that you make out of paper lunch bags! So cute and SO easy to make! Check out this one that I just completed for one of my graduating youth group girls!

You just take lunch bags and fold them in half.

Bind them together with ribbon or some sort of string. I used a torn bandana for this one. 

I combined 2 pictures into one and cut them in half, so I could get 2 4x3 pictures in one. A full 4x6 won't fit on a page of the mini book.

Use the bottom of the bags as a flap in the book!

Where the bag opens, decorate a piece of card stock as it's own page and make it a pullout page.

 The full page that pulls out.

And the back of it.

I did the lettering with my Cricut. Can't imagine how my life was before having one!

Another flap in the book (side 1)


Open the flap to find journaling!

I love using stickers in my scrapbooks, and this was definitely no exception.

I wrote fun notes and verses of encouragement to my grad!

The paper makes the page!

This paper made a fun girly page!

End the book with a meaningful note on the back!

These books are SUPER easy and fun to make! They are a great, personal gift for any occasion! Pin It

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cool, Sales, Party People...

I've been wanting to get into some sort of Avon-type job for some time. I kind of brushed off the feeling at first, but since I still have it and it keeps coming back, I figured I may begin pursuing it.
So I guess my next question to tackle would be the big "what?" question.
Avon? Premiere? Partylite? Pampered Chef?
Not sure yet. I know doing something with products I love would help, but I also know many people who sell a lot of the stuff I know of. I don't want to take away from their clients, yet want enough interested clients that I can keep it going without it being a money pit. =P
I love having people over and being hospitable and all that, so the parties would be fun for me. Just don't want to drain the same people for sales all the time, unless that of course is their passion too. 
So...any suggestions? If you know where I can find a big list of all the Avon-Type companies out there, that would be nice too.
If you are in a business like this, how's it going? Are you making enough for it to matter? Or are you losing money on it?
Just want to know what I would jump into and if I should pursue it. Pin It