Monday, August 15, 2011

Wait...Just Wait

Are you relying too much on a guy, when you should be having FULL and complete reliance on Christ? Have you ever considered that relationships don't work out because one of the couple is making the other meet expectations that only God can meet? Are you secure, content, in love, pure, reliant, and faithful to Christ? Or a guy?
When I gave these things over to Christ (for REAL gave them over), He blessed me so wonderfully and unexpectedly. When you chase guys, you are not chasing after God. When you're not chasing after God, do you really think He will bless you with a strong, faithful man who will last in your life? 
C'mon, ladies! You're better than that! Wait, wait, WAIT for a guy who is fully enveloped in God's love and Word! That is the BEST. You can't change a guy who gets into trouble, or does things that are evil in the Lord's eyes. Only God can. Don't get into that relationship until he realizes he needs a Savior and then seeks Him out! If he never does, then forget it!
Just WAIT!!
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