Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Snow

Stiff, bare branches
Blow broadly
By blustery stiff breezes

Fallen laden leaves
Loop lavishly
In livened falling breeze.

Sudden calming quiet
Cuts quickly
On the cold calloused planet.

Soft frozen flakes
Flow freely
To fill soft pines.

First season snow
Settles sweetly
As saplings stare magically. Pin It

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"God works in mysterious ways" they say. I guess they're right.
I've been scrapping for a job now for a long time. I applied everywhere, including this daycare. I wanted that job so badly. The hours were phenomenal, and I wouldn't have had to work weekends.
God, however, had other plans for me.
On Sunday, my grandma called to tell me that there was a lady in her church, looking for someone to help her with her daycare. My grandma gave her my number, and she called me yesterday. I arranged an interview with her this morning. I went from jobless to having an interview in two days.
I arrived at the home to meet Dora. I could hear tiny voices just down the steps of the home. Dora invited me to go down stairs and observe a little, before getting down to business. About ten little kids sat in a circle around another lady, named Wendy. They were working on learning the letters "S" and "L". Wendy introduced me to the kids, and they all shyly said a "hi, Ashley" to me. I sat down next to Jevyn, and 4 year old, little boy.
The kids glued letters to a sheet of paper and worked on finding things that began with "S" and "L". I held the cutest little boy, who was almost a year old. He is one of the best babies I've held. After preoccupying the babies/toddlers, the kids headed outside for some play time.
I made my way up the steps to meet again with Dora, where I learned that I would work this Friday, and earn $7 an hour. The business would be small at first, but it would pick up as the year continued on.
Needless to say, I am overjoyed and thankful for what God has put before me. I felt so hopeless not that long ago, and now, things are looking up.
God is good. Pin It

Monday, September 15, 2008


Every story has a beginning, I suppose. As does every blog. I guess this is mine...
I've loved to write since I can remember. I wanted to find a good way to write and share some of my creative stuff, along with personal experiences I encounter along the way with missions and life.

My most recent missions trip was to Los Alcarrizos, Dominican Republic in January of 2007. The group I accompanied was amazing. We are a tight-knit family now, just because of this extraordinary experience we all were a part of. Building a house for the single mom and her six kids was the best thing that ever happend to me. My faith has grown, because of the faith I saw in those people.
I'm hoping to return to that marvelous place again May of 2009. I'm working on my Spanish and shipping out support letters. I know God is calling me back there, and soon. Pin It