Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"God works in mysterious ways" they say. I guess they're right.
I've been scrapping for a job now for a long time. I applied everywhere, including this daycare. I wanted that job so badly. The hours were phenomenal, and I wouldn't have had to work weekends.
God, however, had other plans for me.
On Sunday, my grandma called to tell me that there was a lady in her church, looking for someone to help her with her daycare. My grandma gave her my number, and she called me yesterday. I arranged an interview with her this morning. I went from jobless to having an interview in two days.
I arrived at the home to meet Dora. I could hear tiny voices just down the steps of the home. Dora invited me to go down stairs and observe a little, before getting down to business. About ten little kids sat in a circle around another lady, named Wendy. They were working on learning the letters "S" and "L". Wendy introduced me to the kids, and they all shyly said a "hi, Ashley" to me. I sat down next to Jevyn, and 4 year old, little boy.
The kids glued letters to a sheet of paper and worked on finding things that began with "S" and "L". I held the cutest little boy, who was almost a year old. He is one of the best babies I've held. After preoccupying the babies/toddlers, the kids headed outside for some play time.
I made my way up the steps to meet again with Dora, where I learned that I would work this Friday, and earn $7 an hour. The business would be small at first, but it would pick up as the year continued on.
Needless to say, I am overjoyed and thankful for what God has put before me. I felt so hopeless not that long ago, and now, things are looking up.
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