Thursday, December 25, 2014

One Week of Reflection: How I'm Loved

In an effort to celebrate the amazing things that God has done in my life in 2014, and to reflect on how He has moved, I am dedicating the next week (up until 2015) to reflect on what I've learned throughout 2014.
Today, I reflect on January and February 2014, which were indeed the "How I am Loved" Months.

God surely showed me people who poured out their love and encouragement on me in January and February this past year. Being in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and enduring the icy, cruel, subzero winter, I was feeling very down in those months. But I was blessed in so many ways by friends and family who threw me baby showers, got me pedicures, haircut, drove me around, bought me treats and showered me with the blessings that I know came straight from heaven.

January 14, I celebrated 2 years with my hubby.
Late January, I was showered with baby shower number 1!
Early February, I took a fall down our stairs that left me worried about our little Lucy. After a time of monitoring, we learned she was just fine. Mommy was left a bit sore, but also good.
Early February I was again showered with baby shower number 2 (a big surprise one!)
Early February (same week as the above events) I went through a time that left me shaken and scared of what could come. I don't want to go into detail about this one, but it was horrible.
Mid February, I felt so much love from so many people in getting pampered!
Late February - another shower!

I faced trials in early February that left me bruised physically and emotionally, but God showed me that He was in control and could provide the people in my life that kept me strong, even when it felt the bottom fell out.
Little did I know at the time, He was preparing me for bigger, more major things to come.
I reflect on how He places blessings in places just when we need them and have learned that He will provide for me no matter how major or minor the problem is. It is incredible to look back on these months and realize that though things at the time seemed hard, God was only preparing me for what was to come. He knew where I'd be heading and He covered me in amazing love and grace.
Remember to look to Him for your blessings and strength!
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