Saturday, December 27, 2014

One Week of Reflection: Crazy Bold

In an effort to celebrate the amazing things that God has done in my life in 2014, and to reflect on how He has moved, I am dedicating the next week (up until 2015) to reflect on what I've learned throughout 2014.
Today, I reflect on May and June 2014, which I title the "Crazy Bold" months.

Not only because I attended the "Crazy Bold" conference at MCRC in May, but because I was in an "I don't care what people think" mode those couple of months. I shared my heart, I shared my faith, even if it meant people hating me for it, and I shared my thoughts on church and life in general a lot.
In fact, I was looking through my posts on Facebook from May and June, a couple of them had me saying "wow...that was what I said?"

But as I read those, I realized that they were things that needed to be said, or reflected on. In fact, as a Christian, my job is to proclaim His Word no matter how "uncomfortable" it is. I think the circumstances I faced the prior months showed me that there is no time to waste, and no time to do what pleases the world. We are called to be the "salt", the "light", the "ambassadors" for Christ in a world that is plain and dark. That doesn't mean we are to offend or to shove our values on people. We are called to love and live with all people. We are not called to become what they are, however. I've actually learned to agree to disagree many times this year. If someone knows where I stand and what I'm trying to accomplish, and still wants nothing to do with it, I back off. The Bible says not to waste time on those who could care less about changing their ways. (Matthew 7:6 puts it pretty bluntly.)

I need to be better at this. I need to sometimes open my mouth when I need to speak up. I need to move when something needs to be done. I need to live in such a way, that others question why the powerhouse light shines through me. And I need to learn who not to waste my time on.   Pin It

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