Monday, March 23, 2009

Goals and Rambling

I've tried to begin a post now since Friday, but lacked inspiration to decide on what to here I am, blabbing about lacking inspiration for what I should write...

This past weekend was such a blast! I got to spend time with some of my girls from church, having slumber parties, playing crazy rounds of spoons, watching Gilmore Girls episode after episode until 1 in the morning, and sitting down and just having great discussions on what it means to have a relationship with God as opposed to calling it a religion.
I got to host a group of girls and cook for them and make fun snacks for them. It was awesome and made me realize how excited I am to get my own place someday. Hopefully sooner than later...

I've also recently been setting goals and making wishlists like crazy! I couldn't tell you if the wishlist part is good or bad, but goals usually can't hurt to set now and then. I'm going to start walking/running tomorrow with Ang for the season. I usually don't start until camp starts, but I figured, why not get ahead of the game this year? I'm hoping to also get a car soon...and I mean my very own if you're selling, let me know and we'll try to negotiate...haha
As far as the wishlist goes, I've been eyeing up new guitars. I love my first guitar, and it plays well, but now that I'm playing in church and probably camp this summer, I'm going to need one that actually plugs into the sound system without a pickup... That would be nice.

I also have felt like I'm in the middle of things for the last few days. I hate when I see people obliviously destroying their lives and reputations. I don't want to get into specifics, but it hurts me and I really wish I didn't have to care, but I have no choice and no way of letting it go until I know there is nothing I can do and it's in God's hands. I'm such a worry-wart.

I guess that's the extent of things that have been on my mind lately...didn't really know what else to type up for all...3 of you. :) Pin It

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