Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I realized today just how much I love to dream. I love to slumber away at night in anticipation for the dreams that will visit my creative mind. I find that I gain inspiration from some of my dreams and even spark and idea for something to write.
I love dreaming during the day about as much as I love dreaming at night too. I feel like I want to just drift away from the piles of homework and random jobs I have to do and just sit there and dream about the what ifs, remember whens and wouldn't it be nices...
Reading a really good book does this for me too. I can pick up a great novel about some far away culture and just place myself there for a good hour a day, putting myself if the situations with the characters and seeing what life would be like if I lived in another country. Not only does reading take me to those places, but they also help my writing in sparking ideas and inspirations for new techniques.
I can't wait to actually be entangled into another country for real and get my inspirations sparking again. There is nothing more inspiring that actually living out the thing that inspires you. I've been needing to discover myself again for awhile and going to the Dominican Republic will bring back those old passions and fervent longings again. It's going to be awesome. Pin It

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