Sunday, March 1, 2009

I long...

I long for warm embraces of faces I have never met before until the day we touched each others' hearts. It's interesting how we go to reach out and help when in the end I feel as if my heart was the one touched the most and my walk made stronger. I can't wait for nightly gorgeous sunsets and humble swaying palms as crickets and voices carry out into the moist, darkening air. Our team dynamics always made me smile. We leave as a team, but return as a close-knit family, living in agony of the absence of each other for the weeks after the journey has ended. Little do we know, the trip continues on and the family grows as we realize we still approach each other regularly, sharing things that remind us of those small moments that took place before our eyes and the experiences we all shared in our own individual, unique ways. We share things that only our eyes, ears and tongues would understand the joy to.
The rubbished, wet streets having children, dogs and random vehicles occupying them always welcome us with friendly smiles and waves and even an "Hola" now and then. There's nothing like that culture shock that really defines you. You find yourself somehow out of all the madness. Even though there are tongues speaking words that you don't understand all around you, and eyes staring and ways of life you never imagined possible, somewhere in that blur of culture and babble there is you.
Mostly, I can't wait to see the work God has for me. I never can imagine what He'll use me for and I never truly realize it until it's done and over with, and I'm back home eating my three meals a day, and sleeping in a bed with warm blankets. When I find myself underestimating me, I am able to stop and truly see that I am used by God. He always moves in the most amazing ways. Nothing can beat the smiles He shows me from those kids or the relationships He brings into my life. The Dominican Republic has already revealed God to me in amazing ways once, and I'm positive it won't let me down this time. I'm already feeling so wonderful about the ways He is moving as we had our indoor yard sale this weekend. Our team is really bonding together and getting ecstatic about the approaching climax to our journey together!
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