Saturday, February 7, 2009

We are another step towards our goal of building the kitchen in the Dominican! We spent this beautiful day standing in front of Walmart, taking donations and collecting cans at the DominiCAN drive. :) I can't be sure how much we raised yet, but it was a good chunk towards our trip. Being around the people on my team was great too. I got to bond and get to know them even more. We had a good time.
I'm going to be sending out more letters soon, asking for donations and prayers. With only a couple short months left before the trip, we're really getting down to the wire on raising all of our funds to get that kitchen up in Los Alcarrizos! Prayers are even more important now too, as we are preparing ourselves in heart and mind to go minister to the people down there.
I honestly went into this trip not too excited, which could be a huge shock to some people, but I really was only doing it because I felt like God was kind of dragging me into it. After hearing the passionate excitement of many of my other team members and hearing their view on going, I'm becoming more and more enthusiatic about going.
I even read back over the story I wrote about my last experience, and it was like I was reading it for the first time. I couldn't believe how much of the vividness had faded over the last two years. Now I'm totally committed to this trip and everything it's about. God will truly do amazing things! Pin It

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