Monday, January 5, 2009


So it seems that there is yet another great adventure in my path. I am officially going to Kentucky over Spring Break to Appalachian Reach Out with the Sr. High kids in our youth group. My previous experience there was one that really formed a milestone in my life as I was able to watch jr. high kids reach out in ways I never have seen most adults reach out. Many of the kids going are the same from the previous trip, but older now. I'm excited to see how they've all grown and the ways God has been working in their lives.
My previous experience was amazing and interesting at the same time. It's quite intriguing how our plans don't always match that of God's. The first full day I spent down there, I twisted my ankle and was on crutches half the week, with was frustrating. By the end of the trip, the kids had poured out so much love that it didn't even matter anyway. I was blessed to have the opportunity to just stand back and watch them play music for the folks in the nursing home or fix a house for a family with next to nothing. It really opened my eyes to the things they are capable of, and things I should be capable of. I didn't go, just to be a chaperon to the kids, but to learn from them as they reached out to the people who are so commonly forgotten about.
Returning to the place that gave me this eye-opening realization will not only make my heart more fervent for missions and working with kids, but I'm hoping it will make me more compassionate towards people. I'm hoping this experience will take my introverted self and make me more comfortable with risks.
I want to be able to jump off that cliff and know God will save me. I don't want to stand back and wonder for days if I should do something then make it too late for it to even matter. Faith is huge in reaching out. I want a faith that's solid. Pin It

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