Friday, April 10, 2009

Can't Live Without Him

Today there were so many times I saw the denial of God and His existence by others around me. Or even if they knew He existed, some people just don't want to get into that relationship or fully put faith in Him. I felt my heart sink at least twice tonight just reading statuses on facebook or simply having conversation with people.
I have such a hard time grasping the fact that it is possible to not put faith in God and that many people do it. My life has felt like nothing but jumping off of cliffs and knowing He will catch me on the way down. I have no other reason or person to give credit to catching me in those times of taking a leap of faith.
I think it's a bad thing that I was taken aback by this today, but realized that I knew it occurred all the time and everywhere, however I simply didn't get the same, powerful reaction from myself everytime I encountered a situation like someone not into Christ. Do I really only surround myself with ONLY Christians? I hope not.
But my heart broke a little bit today. Even more so than when I realize a guy I like isn't into me(...which has happened three times this year already...)
I simply don't know how people without faith in Christ do it. I think Christ is there anyway, but the recognition isn't.

I'm inspired by words of Lecrae:
Go Hard
Go hard or go home
Lord, use me up...

Lord kill me If I don't preach the gospel

I'm still in my 20's- but I'll die if I got to
Already dead- so forget my flesh
I done been crossed over see the full court press
I'm a full court mess if the Lord don't use me
Running from my trials thinking everythingss groovy
If the Cross don't move me then I don't wanna breath no more
If I ain't seeing Christ potna I don't wanna see no more
Rep every day with out worrying about bruising
I been to China man, I seen some real persecution
If you didn't know Him would your life look the same
Can they tell you value Jesus by the way you rep his name?
Man what's the point of living if I'm living for myself
Lord empty out my life before I put you on the shelf
So for God I got Hard I don't want to die tonight
It's too many people living who ain't heard about my Christ

Go Hard or Go Home
Lord Use Me Up...

Went to Asia had to duck and hide-for sharing my faith
They tell me water it down when I get back to states
They say tone the music down you might sell a lot a records
But it's people out here dying and none of them heard the message
Took my wife on mission trip - Central America
Shared her testimony 40 people stood and stared at her
When she said Jesus should of seen it was insane
'Cause 40 out of 40 never heard of Jesus name
Aw man we ain't focused on the war we just kickin it
Worried about our image and our space up on the internet
Take me out the game coach
I don't wanna play no more
If cant give it all I got and leave it out there on the court
Thank you for the Grace for the will and the desire
Got me living for your glory stead of living to retire
But I pray I'll never tire of Going hard for Messiah
I don't need no motivation You the reason I'm inspired.

That mean that we, should be out up in ok streets
Not just in houses with our bible's summarizing what we read
Man this ain't deep (man this aint deep)
Why we ain't doing what we read

Its like we sleep (its like we sleep)
But sinners sleepwalk when they sleep
So why can't we (so why can't we)
The redeemed of the LORD

Act out, what He said
And make a scene for the LORD

Action-cut, say what, like we was the director
But you better get a Grip like movie sets, and get to stepping
I know you done it
Done-and heard it all

You was going hard for the Lord before you heard this song
But don't play yourself to save ya self
And walk in fear

Scripture's like a mirror
The truth is closer than it appears...
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