Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Society's Pressures

I've come to realize that society - especially that of America - has an unreasonable standard of measuring one's identity and success. The first thing someone will ask you is "What do you do for a living?" or "What did you major in?" In America, you need a degree to be looked at in a positive manner. When you don't have a job or make the cash, our society tends to frown upon you.
Unfortunately, many people don't realize how wrong society is. Everything we do on this earth is meaningless. All the achievements we gain, the jobs we have, the money we make, the possessions we have...all absolutely meaningless.
Because our society places these pressures of degrees, and good jobs, and pay raises on us, we become anxious and worry about our lives. It's all such a meaningless cycle. Then we cope with our worries and anxiety in destructive ways. Society's pressures destroy us. Unless we know the truth.
Luckily, my truth is that of Jesus Christ. Because I know He has placed a more important mission in my hands, I don't worry about the society's calling on me. If I simply live out the passion and gifts God has instilled in my heart to the best of my ability, everything else I live for is unimportant. So what if I don't get that raise or get an A in my class? God expects me to do my best in everything, but He will provide for me daily. I can't get bent out of shape over things that don't matter in the end. Pin It

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