Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Truly Matters

God has been SO stinkin' good to me! I can't believe how amazing He is and how amazing His works and blessings are! He is the ultimate sculptor of my life.
I've spent the last year of my life trying to abandon everything for Him - my job, my relationships, my money, my possessions, my time...everything. At first it was so hard and down right scary, but now I feel so free of everything. I have less worry because I know that He will provide and He won't fail me.

I've also been doing well at keeping myself busy instead of moping around and complaining about my situations (specifically singleness) over the last few months. And what do you know- He has sure shown me that when I do His work and put my faith in Him, and not worry about where my life will be and with whom, He sends such amazing blessings and such a great and unexpected time!

I can't even begin to explain just how blessed I am. This whole last year has been so hard and scary, yet I've been at such peace about everything. He has brought the right people into my life at the exact moments I needed them- even though I didn't realize I needed them at the time. Just one big WOW!

It's funny that when you let everything go, and stop worrying about having everything you need and desire, that is when God's provision truly comes out! I have seen this so much over the last few months!

The moral of the story, let go-let God. He is good and He won't EVER fail you. When you reach this true realization, He will bless you indeed. I wish many people could see this - especially those girls chasing after guys in fear of being alone their whole lives. It doesn't matter what I lose in this life, because I'll never lose what truly matters in this life. =) Pin It

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