Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the Same Page

I'm currently working my way through a book called "Lady in Waiting" with my high school girls, and it has been quite an rewarding experience to hang out with them and just listen to the things they are gaining from the study.
I'm looking into another book called "A Man Worth Waiting For" by the same author of "Lady in Waiting" and I am taking in a lot from that book as well. I feel like I'm at that point of life where any decent guy that walks into my life I would fall for, when in reality, I should wait for one that actually is designed for me and will help me in my faith walk rather than bring me down.
In Jackie Kendall's book, she lists things to look for in a decent dude and one reality that hit me was the following:
"If someone is her (right guy), she will not have to stop running (the race), she will not have to change her pace, and she won't have to look behind her, because before she knows it, he will be running beside her. He will keep up with her, and they will continue the race at a complementary pace. This will be her running partner for the journey ahead. They will encourage each other and not trip each other... (God will tell her) 'Ashley, you will only get married to a man who will enhance your devotion to Me. He will not compete with it." (pg 25-26)
Ladies need to ask themselves "Is he looking in the same direction as I am?" And for Christians, we know that direction is Who we run toward. We need to be careful not to let something or someone hinder our progress in the race of faith. In fact, it tells us in Hebrews to "throw off everything that hinders us."
 Ladies, don't settle for just anyone. Make sure he will challenge you in your faith and run beside you in the race! You shouldn't need to slow down for him or stop. Missionary dating is NOT the answer. You can't change him, only God can. There's no reason to date and save when you can be friends and teach him. You'll be the one pulled down before you pull him up. Pin It

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