Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dysfunctional Malfunction

I've really been surrounded by everything malfunctional and dysfunctional this past week. Between my car, the copy machine at work, my computer, just random little things that haven't been working right (like my space heater, Windows Movie Maker)'s all been very frustrating. Then there is the dysfunctional element of my life - worship. True, untainted worship. Sundays just aren't Sundays anymore. I feel like I get up and go to work for no pay. I know I am 50% of the problem. I never say no. I make myself available too much. People don't think of things until they see me. I feel bad saying no, or ignoring them, or saying to catch me later, or leave a note. I just never used to be that way.
BUT, I miss going to church with a worry-free mind. And feeling like I'm going to a place of worship, not a place of work. It's quite exhausting. Even Sundays that no one approaches me, my mind is still in constant disarray. "Did I remember to make that change in the bulletin? Whoops, I misspelled that in the power point. I forgot to print the sign-in sheets, again!"
I miss the aspect of pure worship - something that I haven't truly gotten to give to my Lord since Sr. High retreat at Portage Lake. I don't know what this is telling me. I wish I could sort out my mind.

Then there is the element of malfunctioning health. I'm so puzzled by my condition. So puzzled why no one knows about it and what my future holds. It really is quite nerve-racking going through each day, wondering where you'll be in a year, or 6 months, especially if your doctors have no clue. I feel convicted when I ask God why, or what. Especially when I hear that song "He Knows My Name" where the very first line is "I have a Maker, He formed my heart..." I'm left thinking "You forgot some of mine..." (Half-joking of course) I've been struggling with this a lot lately as things change and I experience more stress. I can't help but wonder if I'm really living out my dream. What if I don't get to my dreams? And no one knows where I'll be in a year. Uhg. 25 shouldn't come with these kinds of thoughts. This is definitely a faith walk. Pin It

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