Sunday, December 12, 2010


I feel like a lifeboat. I try to take on everyone's problems, worries, needs, yet I can only hold so much. I don't get to hang out with the friends I used to hang out with. Relax in the same way I used to. My writing has stunk because finding the time to focus on it is nonexistent. I'm on the brink of burnout.
Lifeboats can sink too, you know. Pin It

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tweller01 said...

This is true. Lifeboats can sink. That is why you must read the warning about the max capacity it can handle at one time. And just remember, it's not selfish to take a step back and say "I'm sorry. I can't help right now. I'm dealing with alot". I know it's hard to do though. But if you are constantly under that type of pressure, you will burn out. If you're not living life for you, but rather carrying everyone else's weight and making them happy, trhen you're not living. They'll understand that you need time for yourself, to hang out with friends, to write your stories/poetry.