Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"I'm Not Called"

Many times I hear people say “outreach is just not my calling”. There’s a reason we have an “outreach team” to do all the outreach, right?
Well, as much as people think this team is the one to go out and help others next door, in another state, or overseas, that’s not how it works. Let me explain:
I have been reading this book Radical by David Platt. There are many thoughts on how we have “Americanized” everything about the Bible and God’s Word. When we are called to do missions in all nations, we may say “Oh, well, God isn’t talking to ME in that verse”. Yet when Jesus says “Come to Me all who are weary,” we tend to say “now He’s talking to me”. However, where in the Bible does it say that God’s Word has stipulations? Where does it say “if your name is Joe, you do this”, or “if your name begins with an R, you are excluded from doing this?” It doesn’t! That is the point. When we are called to do outreach, we are ALL called to do outreach! Here, in the next state, in the next country, wherever!

People might say, “what about the needs right here in America?” Well this is all fine and well if you are actually doing something here. Sometimes we need to be taken out of our element to really see what needs to be done in our element. For example, when I went to the Dominican Republic, and saw the houses that were practically flat on the ground with parts falling off, I came home and realized we have places just like that here too. I wasn’t able to truly see it until I was brought to the Dominican and formed a heart for really taking notice to people and their situations. When you are snapped into a reality of our world, that is when people tend to do something about it.
So, now what? I’m not suggesting you should go move overseas. However, our hearts should be focused on expanding the Kingdom to the people of ALL nations. This is the Great Commission after all. The point is, must we insist on only taking the Great Commission as far as we “feel like it”?
We need to start realizing that the Bible in it’s entirety is for EVERYONE. We need to take Jesus seriously and the things He calls us to do.
We have one life, One God, and One Commander; what are you going to do with it?
Check out David Platt’s book Radical. This has truly been an inspiration to me! Pin It

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tweller01 said...

*ponders for several moments* hmmmmm... I agree with you. At first I misunderstood the word "Americanized", but it is true. We do tend to bend the words of the Bible to suit us, when it's convenient for us. Some tend to take the "expedient" route to Heaven's gates. Go to church, say a few "amens", sing a few songs and you're good. And it is a sad sight. We should do more for God, for He has given much for us. I think some people shy away from it because they think they HAVE to go overseas, or give lots of money to make a difference. But I don't think that's true. You can do little things: donate your time to homeless shelters, donate to local charities, organize food drives, etc. I am starting to learn (thanks to a dear friend) how to live for the Lord. And how to spread his word, and do His work, how to answer His call. And I feel that we should all do more than just say "alright, ok, mhmm, amen".