Monday, August 3, 2009

Still Alive

So, yes, it has been indeed awhile. I have had the awesome opportunity to work up at camp for another summer as ropes director, and even though at first glance I was terrified of my position, it has proven itself worthy of making me a stronger person and teaching me how to rely and trust that God won't fail me. I made my focus word for the summer "trust", just because I have always had an issue trusting others and more specifically trusting God, and knowing that He'll take care of me when it's out of my control.
We have been 100% safe this summer, and are looking good for the next two weeks ahead. God has blessed me with an amazing staff who care about details as much as I do. He is indeed taking care of me and has my back.
I was thinking about this whole trust thing with God, and came to the conclusion that there is no reason whatsoever that we need to fear He won't have our backs. We know that God is good, so why do we have such a problem trusting Him? Because we think something bad is going to happen? It doesn't work. And if we know that God loves us, why don't we trust Him to take care of us? Remembering these things have really helped me with this summer and with my unknown future. I hope they help you too. 1 Peter 4:19 Pin It

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