Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why I Attend Church

I don't go to church for the music or rhythms
I don't go for the messages or even for the refreshment
No, I won't attend with a heart of consumerism or gain,
But for a love that defeats all understanding
Grace that surpasses all my debt
And hope that seeks more than just gratification
I attend to give back what I can never return
Because I owe it to my God to meet with Him
Regardless of
the music
the Pastor
the programs
the coffee
the chairs
the people
the decorations
the building
the service
I refuse to be picky with my meeting with God
Because if He were picky with meeting with me
I wouldn't have the hope of salvation.
"He gave His life for me;
I will live mine for Him"
without the standards of the "American Dream" Pin It

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