Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something's Got to Change

I'm ready to move on.
I need to get out of this web called Mason County. The people and friends I have here have been wonderful, and unfortunately, they are the only ones holding me back. The things I've learned from my professors has been gold. I would have never been so passionate about my writing, English, Spanish, words, structure, etc if it hadn't been for the people who showed me how to have passion for those things.
My church family has been pretty much my only family, embracing me when times were rough, laughing when things were funny, and actually heard me out when I had something to say, then understood. There will never be another family like them.
My camp family is even more superb. They are the ones that taught me how to live on my own. From little things like parallel parking to huge things like finding self-worth and a place in a community of people.
But I am going no where here. I'm running on a treadmill, seeing nothing but the same old things since I was five. I live under my parents. I have no chance of a future here. Something has got to change.
Writing and traveling have always been my passions. I've always been so scared of taking those leaps in my life. What's the worst that could happen after all? Pin It

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tweller01 said...

The Web is a hard thing to break out of. I know, I've tried. But if you never take that Leap of Faith, you will never know for certain. Your church family, your camp family, your friends, they will all understand. Sure, a pang of sadness will be felt in the hearts when you do break free. But that sadness will be crushed by the weight of their happiness they have for you following your dreams. And remember: you're not leaving them for good. You will always keep contact with all of your loved ones. And you will see them all again one day. Goodbye isn't forever...