Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hoops, and fire, and jumping...

I'm learned that adulthood isn't that much fun this week. Maybe it was just the week I had, but I'm left here asking life "why?". "Why the hoops, and the fire, and the jumping?"
It was a fairly frustrating week, with still learning a lot about the job and then dealing with the email scam on Thursday. Still working on getting all the emails right. We switched to Gmail, which is awesome, but so far I'm not impressed with the bulk mailing. I've tried to send out announcements to our church literally 15 times and there are still a good 30 people who haven't gotten them. The emails we have still aren't declared correct from many people, and I've pretty much given up on gmail for the weekend. Probably should be working on that when I'm actually working anyway.
Today I was driving home, and went to stop to turn into my driveway, and I was pressing the brake peddle, and nothing. My brakes went and I coasted down the road, formulating a quick plan, and sort of panicking at the same time, and my brake light went on, after the fact. Luckily I turned down Gordon, and turned around to coast on home. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. Right up there with the whole dump truck incident last winter.
Frustrated and tired, I walked into the house, only to see my three weeks worth of laundry still sitting there, staring at me. The reminder of washing multiple loads of dirty, stinky clothes from weeks ago, that I can no longer remember why some of them smelt that way, was staring me in the face, and threatening to spill out of the hamper. So I started laundry and proceeded to practice songs for Sunday on a guitar that no one in church can hear anyway, because my guitar stinks.
Not my week. Maybe next week will be better. Pin It

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