Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Passion Feels Like

I can't even explain the overwhelming passion that I have for the Dominican Republic right now. Just going to church today and seeing the glow on the faces of people who have gone before in light of the recent trip. People are sharing their experiences with others and seeing how God is working in the hearts of potential, future team members and the long time veterans is just amazing.
My heart beats a little harder when I think about the future trips, and the project and what it will do for the community and the kids. I truly feel like that is where I need to be - working with the people in our church and helping to stir that passion by sharing mine. Relationships are so important to me and forming new ones is one of the most amazing feelings for me.
I feel so close to people I've been on trips with, kids in the Dominican, and the new friends I've made in the Dominican that I can't wait to see next trip!
It is such a passion that I can't even explain, but just thinking about it makes me so excited! Pin It

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