Thursday, July 8, 2010

We Are Too Comfortable.

Every wonder why churches blow thousands of dollars to have a nice building, just so we impress the people who attend it? Yep, me too. We care more about money and material things sometimes than the starving people across the world (God's world). It's disgusting. We strive to make the American people happy, yet we are NEVER happy. I don't get it.
Yet the starving, the poor, the hurting are more happy than us. Does that tell you something?
I've been inspired by David Platt's book "Radical". I'm not too far into it, but only after a few pages, I feel a burning passion in my heart. I'm realizing the values of this country are selfish. They work to take away from what Christianity is about. They put Jesus in a box. The book talks about how Jesus tells us to sell all of our possessions to the poor, then we will have stored up our treasures in heaven. We, as Americans who long for the comfort and marrow of life twist these words into, "Well, Jesus doesn't actually mean to sell all we have and let go of things that we long to have". This is a huge problem. The Jesus we are worshiping at this point is our own, made-up, fake, comfortable, American Jesus.
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