Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On striving for the simple pleasures...

Stepping through ankle-deep puddles and avoiding slippery mud, we made our way through the dripping woods. The path laid lined with soft, solemn, white lights and the fireflies wafted randomly against the dark woods, like gently falling, glowing snowflakes. Faint moonlight reflected off of the puddles and moist tree limbs through the thinning clouds. A light, misty fog encircled us and the dim, glowing windows are barely visible at the end of the path. The occasion felt something like an endeavor the Life or Death Brigade would pursue. There may as well have been stiff army tents, sparkling, crystal glasses of campaign, silky, long dresses and glowering candles waiting at the other side. But what was this all for? Dominion.
Yep, we were so determined to play a card game, that we would trudge through even ankle-deep, mosquito-infested trails to reach our pleasure. There's nothing like sitting with your friends around the dining room table, and playing cards that would demand a curse on them, or send yourself to the market in order to gain more gold and actions to use to your advantage.

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